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I currently work as a Head of Product | Founding Designer at Swif (YC S20) where I am living my passion of designing end to end digital solutions to complex real world problems. 

I graduated from the University of Washington Seattle with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Computer Interaction. While having foundations in Human Computer Interaction, I work around areas of user centered design, UX design and interaction design. 
My passion for studying design led me to pursue a technical certification in Strategic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and eventually a technical certificate in Human Centered Systems Design from IDEO University.

For me, It's not just about designing digital tech products or my profession as UI/UX Designer. It's about perception, it's about looking at things from multiple perspectives and understanding what purpose does that thing serve in context to it's surroundings. Design is certainly subjective, and which is why I am always curious to explore different fields or variations of "design". 

My love for design motivated me to explore another side of my skillset. In 2020, I launched my Youtube Channel called Design Desi. Through Design Desi, I have been able to design and customize various fashion products (primarily sneakers) and work on the artist side of me. Fashion design is a form of fashion that speaks with the people and it is something that people of all age groups connect to. If the sound of this excites you too, do check out Design Desi below. 





How I got into Designing you ask?

I have always been passionate about design in one way or another, but it wasn't until the sophomore year of college that I actually started to think of pursuing a career in design. I came to the United States with the intention of studying computer science but little did I know that an exploratory introductory class called "The Foundations was Human Centered Design Engineering" would change my perception towards the world. The sense of satisfaction that I experienced on successfully completing my first project as a designer, simply witnessing my idea being tested out by users and the quantifiable impact that it was making changed my outlook towards solving problems and contributing towards the society. 


I guess my initial interest in computer science and development proved to be a significant stepping stone in my ambition to becoming a great designer. Solving problems and making a positive in people's lives is what interests me and I strongly feel that design has the power to help me achieve that goal. 

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