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Bus Database Management System

RoadCast Technology Solutions


Web Application

Hi-Fi Prototype


UI / UX Design & Development Intern

Project Timeline

12 Weeks

Summer 2016


I worked alongside another graphic designer, I focused on the overall logistics and UX design of the web application. I was a part of the initiation of the concept and relied on in-depth study of the users in order to deliver a successful beta version of the product.

  • Management (sprint planning)

  • UX Analysis (Flows and Persona)

  • Design (app, website and branding)

  • Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

Problem Analysis

The idea started from a rather broad problem. There had been cases of child abduction in the news recently. Through research, it was determined that there are nearly 40,000 child abduction cases in India each year.


Two of the largest sources that contributed to the abduction of school going children were private bus contracts distributed by schools due to the large population of children and low income care takers employed by working parents. 

kidnap img.png

How  might we increase the safety of students and ensure a safer seamless commute?


We spent a day creating user personas for the potential product. The user personas ranged from a care taker, employed by full time working parents, who drops and picks up the child from the bus stop to a newly shifted homemaker. 

I was then able to propose a basic thought process of the application.

The envisioned solution was not only solving the focus problem but targeting other minor user problems as well.

Add student to database; assign bus route
(one time)
Mark student attendance; pickup & drop off 
Parent tracks bus status or current location

Wireframing & User Interface

Bus993 - Route Finder_2x.png
Bus993 - Manage Driver _ Buses_2x.png
Bus993 - Live Tracking_2x.png

I was further responsible for designing and creating a mid-fidelity prototype of the web application for the beta version of the product. I worked closely with the development team in order to work out the practicality of the design as well as the content strategist in order to determine the best way of showcasing it.

Click to view the Interactive Bus993 Prototype 

screen 3.png

Manage Drivers

The user can interact with this feature to build a bus driver database. It enables the user to add, delete, edit personal information related to the drivers as well as change route assignment. 

screen 1.png

Manage Buses

This screen gives a look and feel of the navigation bar.

The manage buses feature allows the user to edit bus routes, add or remove bus stops and it provides a quick look directory.

screen 2.png

Students | Route Finder

This feature allows the user to view all the students traveling in a certain bus route. Each student is assigned a bus stop and a recipient for safety purposes.


Live Tracking

The Live Tracking feature is the foundation of this business model. It uses the GPS installed in the school buses in order to showcase real time tracking on the web application. The parents are the primary stakeholders of this feature since their child's security is their foremost concern. 

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